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deisi the boss

Deisi Del Toro is a multifaceted creative professional who leads a film production company and offers a comprehensive range of services within the Film and TV industry.

As the President/CEO of the company, Deisi Del Toro brings extensive experience as a Film Director, Producer, and Actor. With a keen eye for detail and a passion for storytelling, Deisi oversees and directs all the creative aspects and components of the services provided. This includes versatile skills in acting, reading, writing, and enhancing scripts and storyboards for commercials. Deisi excels in setting the perfect blocking for actors, models, musicians, and entertainers, collaborating with editors during the pre-filming and post-production stages to deliver visually captivating final products.

Deisi Del Toro, the driving force behind the creative power of the company, eagerly anticipates the opportunity to collaborate with exceptional talents from around the world, aiming to create more successful productions and events.​

My Vision is to create a mutually beneficial partnership to provide a win-win situation for everyone involved while sharing accrued success that brings high-quality content. My team of experts will create an outstanding result for any media need.

My Mission is to inspire and guide businesses or individuals in Films, Events, Advertising, and Marketing thru consultancy and business alliances.

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